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Aid for every...

Below, you will find a collection of resources with the purpose:

  • Aiding "at-risk" students

  • Promoting high quality educational services and supports

  • Further spreading the word about ESSP

Anything you find useful, feel free to download it, bookmark it, or otherwise use in a way which will make our communities and state a better place to live and work.

If you have additional resources for us. 

Please, visit our CONTACT page and drop us a line. We are always looking to add more resources.


Test Anxiety

Download the resources to your right by clicking on the PDF logos. The full packet offers a short overview of primary symptoms, causes, and prevalence of test anxiety. The TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read) version is actually the last two pages of the main packet. This provides a quick, To-Do rundown of conquering test anxiety along with clickable, linked resources.

ESSP Test Anxiety Aid Packet

TLDR ESSP Test Anxiety Aid Handout

adhd / autism

Tiimo is an app developed side-by-side with individuals diagnosed with ADHD and autism, as well as their families. Unlike similar apps, every design decision regarding interface, appearance, and function took the needs of individuals with these conditions into consideration and optimized for those.

Tiimo is designed to aid with time management, organization, and planning in a way that other apps simply do not for this population.

Click the tiimo logo to learn more. Or, download the app from your preferred source.

Tiimo App.png
Apple Store Dwnld Icon.png
Google Play Dwnld Icon.png

Click on any of the logos below to be taken to organizations specialized in aiding students with autism or ADHD.


Children and Adults Living with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

adda logo.png

Youth services

Click the logo to access the Oklahoma Association of Youth Services resources and your local contact.

Oklahoma Association of Youth Services

Oklahoma Association of Youth Services


Exceptional needs

Oklahoma-based coffee house and restaurant dedicated to training and employing students and adults with intellectual, developmental, and exceptional disabilities.


Begun at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Project SEARCH serves students with disabilities aged 18-24 who wish to take an employment versus higher education approach and is administered through ODRS and Career Tech.


Opportunity Orange Scholars through Oklahoma State University provides an immersive, live-in, two-year, comprehensive transition program for adults 18-26 at which successful completion brings a certificate in Career and Community Studies.


Sooner Works at The University of Oklahoma provides an immersive, live-in, 4-year, comprehensive transition program for adults 18-26 at which successful completion brings the Integrated Community Studies Certificate.


Annual Documents

You will find our annual reporting documents such as Board Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's Reports here.

reentry services

Below are resources for individuals impacted by incarceration.


Reentry Services for  Oklahomans 

Inside Out.jpg

Human Trafficking

Below are resources for individuals impacted by human trafficking.



Below are resources which can be downloaded and used to promote ESSP where you are. 

ESSP Trifold

The ESSP trifold brochure contains all of the information necessary to communicate the essential elements of ESSP. This brochure has been updated to reflect the latest information on ESSP. However, additional updates will be made in November / December 2022.

Page 1

ESSP Trif 1.png

Click the PDF logo to download the ESSP Trifold Brochure

Page 2

ESSP Trif 2.png

ESSP Media Consent & Release QR Code

Click the attachment logo to download the ESSP Media Consent and Release QR code. This code links to our website page where any student or authorized caregiver can quickly see and complete the form digitally. No forms for you to keep up with or track. Downloads in a .zip format due to website security. Just right click and extract all to access the QR Code once downloaded. (See our blog post(s) on the topic for more information.)

Media Consent & Release QR Code

ESSP Logo Packet

The download button will take you to an ESSP file folder with various iterations of our logo: color, b/w, svg, png, etc. Download the ones that you would like from that folder.

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