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Safe With Us

Did someone ask you for consent to use your story, image, voice, etc.? Did they show you a URL or QR code that led you here? Or were you interested in sharing yourself with us and wondered: are these folks safe to trust? 

In any of the cases, you've found the right place for answers.

1. We consider our website a "Safe Space." We don't condone disparaging others. Whatever part of you that you share, we use only to bring attention to special populations of students in need.

2. We don't sell our information or betray confidence. You're a guest, so this especially goes for you. What you consent to share gets shared. What you don't stays private.

3. You have access to "copies" of everything. If we have a good email address for you, we will attempt to send you a link to the final "product" showing how we've used what you've shared with us.

4. We are a nonprofit. No one here gets paid to do the work for ESSP. Even running this website is done on a volunteer basis. Our number one goal is serving the career tech community of Oklahoma with quality services in the best possible way.

5. No exploitation of what you share. You're trusting us to do right by you, and we will. We collect information for use on our website and social media accounts, for stories on our blog, and for use in program promotional materials. All of this feeds back into serving special populations at local career techs here in Oklahoma.

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

If you're ready to work with us, read the Media Consent and Release Terms and fill out the form below.

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