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"Preparing for Success: CareerTech Granite Skills Center students obtain American Heart Association Certifications"

CareerTech Granite Skills Center Career Readiness students obtain CPR Training thru American Heart Association Authorized Instructor Tiffany McCollum this month. Students who attended the 2-day course received certification as a BLS Provider for Adult, Child, & Infant CPR & AED. As well as certification in HeartSaver for Adult, Child, & Infant CPR, AED, & First Aid.

There are many benefits in training students for First Aid, CPR, and AED prior to obtaining a career. CPR and First-Aid knowledge is often a requirement among employers looking to hire staff. These days a formal first aid training or certification has become an impressive feature for a strong resume, which makes the candidate valuable. Getting first aid training or certification from an authorized source will prove to be a real advantage in today's competitive job market. It demonstrates preparedness and caution to the potential employer. May lower car, life, auto, and/or health insurance premiums depending on location where the student will reside. Businesses have a stake in keeping their overhead expenses, including insurance for employees, lower. Trade Industry Careers are physically demanding conditions as well as some work with hazardous conditions creating a high-risk workplace, so CPR certification is a necessity. By being certified in First Aid and CPR there is possible advancement due to managers are required to know the proper action to save a life. This certification provides substantial value to the workers and the company which creates a more positive and safe work environment. Having employers and employees certified makes faster response times during a medical emergency, minimizing hazardous risks and reducing injuries to workers. This is a benefit to everyone from both an ethical and legal standpoint. As well as, boosting employee morale.

CareerTech Granite Skills Centers provides students with the proper training, knowledge, hands-on experience, multiple certifications, and personal portfolios that contains tools to help them be a strong candidate in the job market. Therefore, Mrs. McCollum believed that adding certification training in First-Aid, CPR, and AED for each Skills Center Student will be one more positive job placement tool since some public schools now require that all students are to take the training course in First-Aid, CPR, and AED during their senior year and become certified. Instructor McCollum received permission from her superiors to add the American Heart Association Course to her Career Readiness Curriculum, giving the students and equal or better chance at landing a Career in today's competitive job market.

Choosing to be certified can be the difference between getting the job but can also be the difference between life and death.

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