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Meet Kari Stomprud - Special Needs Coordinator at Canadian Valley Technology Center in El Reno.


Throughout her career, Kari Stomprud has been dedicated to providing quality education and support for students with special needs.  She has been a certified Special Education teacher and Administrator for 22 years, with the last nine years being at CVTech in El Reno.  She is a Nationally Board Certified educator and is also a certified administrator. Kari was appointed by Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat to serve on the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health State Board.  She also serves on the Oklahoma State Department of Education State IDEA-B advisory panel.  In addition, she serves on the Oklahoma State Department of Career Techs Special Populations advisory committee.  Her involvement in various state boards and committees demonstrates her commitment to improving education and opportunities for all students.

  Her work at CVTech has had a significant impact on the school, community, and its students. Mrs. Stomprud is dedicated to providing the best possible support and resources for her students with disabilities at CVTech.  She takes necessary steps to stay informed on the latest trends and best practices in special education.  Her efforts in developing helpful resources such as handbooks, directories, and pamphlets demonstrates her commitment to ensuring that all students have access to the tools they need to succeed.  Additionally, her success in securing grant funding for special populations equipment highlights her innovative approach to addressing the needs of diverse learners.  She is a valuable asset to the CVTech community and works tirelessly to advocate for the success of all students. In her time at CVTech, Mrs. Stomprud has developed and implemented several initiatives to provide the best possible education opportunities for her students. Kari has created the College and Career Prep Handbook. On an annual basis, she creates a Sending School Counselor/Special Education Directory to assist all sending schools. Kari was also part of creating the CVTech Coloring book for younger stakeholders. There are many other accomplishments which Kari has authored or assisted with over the past decade. However possible the most far reaching of all is when she assisted in writing and received $100,000 Carl Perkins grant for special population equipment which is used by all CV Tech campuses.

  Outside of her professional life, Kari is a loving wife and a proud mother of two.  Kari is married to Mr. Matt Stomprud.  They have been married for 29 years.  Her daughter Aubry’s career as an Optometrist and her son Drew’s pursuit of a degree in Church Leadership highlight the values of education and service that are important to the Stomprud family.  Aubry is married to Austin Tackett.  They are expecting their first child in October.  Drew is completing his university degree in Church Leadership with an emphasis in Youth Ministry in Waxahachie, Texas.  While in school, Drew, has served on several missions teams as well as being the school’s mascot.  Kari and her husband enjoy being empty nesters and working their small acreage with various farm animals. With a new grandchild on the way, Kari’s passion for education and advocacy for special populations will no doubt continue to inspire those around her.

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