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Meet Christi Pugh, Career Ready Instructor at the Atoka Skills Center located inside Howard McLeod Correctional facility in Atoka, Oklahoma.

Christi began her career with the Skills Centers as a Teacher's Assistant November 2005. Prior, she worked with a small 30 staffed heavy equipment manufacturing company where she sold heavy equipment attachments and completed payroll. As well as maintained a license in cosmetology, and make-up art in spare time. In 2007, she received "Rookie of The Year" award at Spring Training. In 2011, Christi was part of the Life Skills Development Committee. She feels this team project was one of her most gratifying experiences. The committee dedicated in memory to their late colleague Mr. Willie Bowler, "The Life Skills Manuel: Survival Kit, Life Skills in the Real World, and How to Survive Without Breaking the Law". As her career with Skills Center began to tic, in 2012 she moved to Life Skills/Applied Academic Instructor Accreditation Level II. Today this position is titled "Career Ready Instructor". She continued her own educational goals with motivation from Dom Garrison, Randy Harris, and Jim Meek. In 2019, Christi graduated Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science, Organizational Leadership.

Over the years she has taught Career Ready, facilitated mock interviews, proctored state test and / or a combination of, at Jackie Brannon and Jess Dunn. Today, she teaches Career Ready at Atoka Skills Center, enrolls all students, administers all state exams, and facilitates a quarterly mock interview event for the five (5) programs at Atoka Skills Center.

She has had the opportunity to work with several special projects such as: "The Second Chance Welding Program" in Oklahoma City. And "Muddy Paws" which is a grooming and boarding facility in Tulsa, OK. Fortunately, she was turned loose to manage the programs, student records, and get the program accredited. Thus now, finding the program recognized by Oklahoma Department of Corrections and listed as an accredited Skills Center Program called "Pet Services". The students at that point were able to gain earned credits from OKDOC for completion. Christi noticed a need for a consistent and fair enrollment process. So she created "Ability to Benefit Interview Tool" that is still used today, statewide. She pitched a vision of a fast-track program to formerly CareerTech Superintendent Greg Dewald. This fast-track program would be called Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics with the Career Ready Program to be included. Mr. Dewald turned her loose and said "make it happen". Christ co-developed the program with "Butch" Daniel. This program is now accredited and recognized within the Oklahoma Department of Corrections as well.

Christi says, "My career found me. It always amazes me when I am out running errands and I hear Ms.Christi. I turn around to a former students family with the mother saying, "thank you so much. You saved our whole family, while the mother hugs me. Me, knowing all along it wasn't me. It was the student that was ready to change and make a difference. I'm just the lucky one that gets to facilitate and encourage with the best team in the state, The CareerTech Skills Centers! I am passionate about Skills Centers' mission, special projects, and the transitional piece particularly."

When Christi is not working. She enjoys traveling, being with family and great friends, grooming dogs, raising and training her Giant Schnauzers, kayaking, skydiving and doing Halloween and play face Make-up Art.

Christi has been in many ways an asset to the Skills Centers Division. She is a great mentor and teacher, not only for the students, but for her fellow colleagues. Skills Centers appreciate all the hard work and dedication Christi brings daily.

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