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Meet Andrea Verser, Instructional Coach – Mathematics at Canadian Valley Technology Center.

Andrea Verser has been a certified teacher in Advanced Mathematics for 19 years and is certified as a school counselor and as a mild to moderate disabilities educator. She has taught at Canadian Valley Technology Center (CVTECH) in Chickasha, OK, as an Instructional Math Coach for 13 years. She has been involved with the National Technical Honor Society since 2015. She is a co-advisor at Canadian Valley Technology Center. On a state level, Andrea has served as the OkACTE ESSP division president 2019 – 2020 and was awarded the OkACTE NRS Carl Perkins Community Service Award in 2022. She has been a member of the NTHS Oklahoma Coordinating Council since 2016. She was recognized as the Oklahoma NTHS Star of Excellence in 2020. On a national level, Andrea has been involved in the ACTE IAED Mentorship program since 2022 and was inducted into the NTHS Honor Roll in April 2024. She was an ACTE IAED mentee for one year and is starting her second year as a mentor. She loves celebrating all students’ successes. The National Technical Honor Society is important to her because it recognizes and supports students in their CareerTech program. CTE is important to her because it prepares students for success. As an instructional coach and an NTHS advisor, she not only gets to help students get a job, but she also shares with them the academic and soft skills to keep a job. CTE allows students to make jobs their careers. She tells every student: once a CTE student, always a CTE student. She loves education and watching students become successful. She believes in serving ALL people at ALL levels. As a National Technical Honor Society Advisor, she has learned the power of teamwork through multiple CTSOs and the community. Partnering with community groups and businesses allows CVTECH to have a more significant impact and informs the community on CTEs, CTSOs, and NTHS. She sees the need to include and serve all students in service projects. The advice she would give her current students is to be brave. At CVTECH, they have created a safe culture for students to be successful but also fail. She wants students to learn through successes and failures.

She is married to her high school sweetheart. In their 23 years of marriage, they have been blessed with a 14-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son. Her husband graduated from CVTECH in 2000, and her son will start at CVTECH in the fall. They love traveling together and spending time outside. The center of her life is her faith and her family. Her hobbies include reading and community service. She loves reading non-fiction and helping make a difference in the CareerTech district she calls home.

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Tim Lankford
Tim Lankford
May 13

Andrea was a godsend in helping me get on my feet and understand the CTE system when I started a few years back. I hope she continues to contribute for many years to come.

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