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Updated: May 10

Written by Brandy Burns, Skills Center Employment & Transitional Coordinator

Meet Jerri Harris, Skills Centers Administrative Assistant.

The rugged, beautiful scenery of the Ouachita Mountains provides a dramatic backdrop for a lone figure fighting off hoards of famished instructors and a ravenous Regional Director one snack at a time. What journey led our illustrious heroine to this moment? What has prepared her for this monumental task?

Jerri Harris came to CareerTech as an Administrative Assistant for Jim Hamilton Skills Centers on September 17, 2001. She grew up on a small farm in the quaint town of Heavener, Oklahoma. During her childhood, Jerri was active in 4-H, FFA, and Precision Drill Team while spending her free time enjoying the rodeo with her family. After graduation, from Heavener High School, Jerri remained in Heavener and made a home with her husband Danny Harris. She is the proud mother of Tyler Harris, and doting “Mimi” to Jasper.

After performing the very important and rewarding role of stay-at-home mom, she decided she wanted to re-enter the workforce. Her first interview with the Skills Centers was scheduled for September 11, 2001. This interview was cancelled as we all watched in teary-eyed horror of the Twin Towers falling. After the tragedy, life moved forward and Jerri was interviewed and hired for the position.

Jerri has many duties that she performs daily to ensure site operations run smoothly and efficiently. She will humbly say that she “answers phones and checks emails”, but everyone knows this is only a tiny portion of her responsibilities. Completing work orders, travel claims, DOC safety reports, ACA audit compliance, P-Card transactions, supply orders and, of course, snack procurement all fall under Jerri’s task umbrella.

Shortly after she was hired, Jerri was nominated for OKACTE Support Staff of the Year and has continued on this path of excellence for the last 22 years. 

Looking towards the future, Jerri dreams of remaining with the Skills Centers until she is able to retire and spend her days in the outdoors with her family just being a mom and a “Mimi”. She is grateful for the work family she has found at CareerTech and for the opportunity to “learn a new respect for many different types of people”. Jerri will always be a supporter of the Skills Centers for all of the good they do for the families and communities of Oklahoma. Just as the Skills Centers will always be a supporter of Jerri for all that she has done and continues to do. 

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