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Attending Professional Development Courses, State Staff Meetings, Conventions, and Summit.... Can Empower Your Career.

Is your cup empty or half full by end of 1st nine weeks, semester, or towards the end of the school year? You are not alone. Many teachers go to work feeling tired and unmotivated. Perhaps they feel physically exhausted because of the demands of their job, or emotionally exhausted because of unique stressors. Feeling exhausted at work—or feeling exhausted because of work—is typically called burnout, and it is a growing problem. A great way to get your "cup" refilled throughout your year is by attending all meetings that your employer offers. Rather it be attending Professional Developments, State Staff Meetings, Leadership Conventions, and Summer Summit.

After listening to a Keynote Speaker, you will feel encouragement, appreciated, given reassurance to keep striving, and it should give you that extra oomph needed to be able to go back to your job site, excited and ready to regurgitate to your students all the knowledge you learned or was reminded. That is what these meetings are for. To help each one of us feel empowered to keep doing what we do, but to do it even better.

Kelly Barnes, a keynote speaker at the State Staff Meeting on June 10th, spoke to the attendees on how some may feel like a "prisoner" or the "vacationer". What can be said is, if you attend and participate at all meetings that your supervisor and/or employer request you to attend, then the "butterfly effect" into a "student" can happen to you.

Do not miss out next time you are asked to show up? Show up and get your cup refilled. When your cup is full of empowerment you will be diligent, take honor, do your job to your absolute best, and you may find yourself doing a little more each time.

Mr. Barnes reminded us of a quote from Mark Twain, “great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great.”

That is just one of the many things that I love about working for Oklahoma CareerTech. Oklahoma CareerTech not only empowers their students but their teachers. Empower Your Career by attending.

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