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Spring 2024 E.S.S.P. Professional Development Day

Updated: Apr 9

On April 3, 2024 E.S.S.P. Division assembled for their Spring 2024 Professional Development Day. The event was hosted at Mid-America Technology Center. Upon arrival, E.S.S.P Officers guided and greeted their E.S.S.P. members by starting with registration and refreshments.

E.S.S.P. Past President, Margie Creager, commenced by welcoming E.S.S.P. Members and guest speakers.

First guest speaker was, Skye McNiel, who is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma

Association of Career and Technology Education, OkACTE. McNeil spoke about the importance of OkACTE Political Action Committee (PAC).

Keynote speaker was, Mike Eubank, who is the Superintendent at Mid-America Technology Center. He guided the audience thru a presentation on how one carries the weight of workload, daily activities, and outside influences. He used a metaphor of a soldier carrying his ruck sack and being mindful of how much weight one takes on and what your walk looks like. In addition, if anyone forces you to go one mile, then go with them for two miles.

There were also breakout sessions with topics ranging from Social Emotional, Retirement 101, Employ-ability with Resume Building, 12 Security Issues within Facility Assessments, the Demand Project, and PAWsitive Approach to Counseling.

Thank you to all our guest speakers: Skye McNeil, Mike Eubank, Cody McPherson, Shelly Byrd, Gloriann Robertson, Gary Shelton, Kristin Weis, Sarah Rivera, and Kristal McCathren.

Finally, a special thanks to Mid-AMerica Culinary Students & Staff for providing refreshments and the food.


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