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Developing News: "CTE for All"

You can be forgiven if you missed the email this morning from Matthew Speno. Given the time of year and amount of "unessential" messages we all receive, another random email from ACTE is ... ignorable.

However, a golden nugget nests in this morning's communication.

While details are scarce at the moment, ACTE's board approved the Special Populations section to be renamed CTE for All.

What does this mean for state-level divisions like ours? How we will we be able to increase our visibility and resources? Will there be even bigger changes such as a national division?

Read Matthew's message below, and if you're feeling it, take the survey.


ACTE Board Approves Special Populations Section name change to CTE for All.

Candice Mott, the IAED manager, Susan Leon, NRS VP, and I have been working for the past several months to propose a name change for our Section that will reflect the work ACTE is doing to honor IAED practices [Inclusion, Access, Equity, and Diversity]. The initiative is centered around a Section name change which will provide the moniker that represents our section's commitment to creating the foundation for an inclusive, accessible, equitable, and diverse environment within CTE. The new name, which came about from surveying Special Populations members, is CTE for ALL! We are grateful to the all who have played a part in this important pivot!

Many thanks for all you do to make CTE an important and viable pathway for success for all!

Last but not least, complete a short survey which will provide valuable information as we move forward as a Section and eventual Division within the ACTE organization [emphasis added].

If you're going to VISION, have a most excellent time!

Please let me know if you have any questions.



ACTE CTE for All Section Lead

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