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RESOURCE: Robert's Rules of Order

The OkACTE Presidents' Retreat offered a lot of useful tools and conversation for our divisions. One of these tools was a presentation by Oklahoma House Parliamentarian C.J. Cavin, Esq.

Mr. Cavin detailed the importance of following Robert's Rules of Order (RROO) for having productive and beneficial meetings. His presentation and our subsequent discussions proved just how important are following these procedures.

Parliamentary Procedure can be dry and complicated. However, RROO governs how we run every meeting within OkACTE and dictates much of our by-laws. As such, having a working knowledge of what to expect under RROO will aid everyone, especially those seeking to become an officer or committee chair.

Personally, I've belonged to and worked for organizations using RROO since my time as an undergraduate. The general procedures haven't changed much, but each time I become involved in a bigger meeting or discussion utilizing them, I'm reminded how important staying informed of and following RROO is to getting work done in a fair and impartial manner.

To that end, I'm providing a few links to resources that you may wish to explore in becoming more informed about RROO.

These can be purchase individually or as a bundle for ~$30.

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