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Expanding Horizons in 23-24

A month into the 23-24 school year, we are more than ready to continue our expanding mission. As-of Summit, we officially welcomed Drop Out - Recovery and Skills Centers into the ESSP fold. We also updated our by-laws and added positions to aid with the expansion. (You can always see our officers and gain their contact information by visiting the About ESSP page.)

The picture accompanying this post is from the OkACTE Leadership Conference in Durant, OK earlier this week and features (most of) your ESSP Leadership Team.

By way of introduction to the website:

  1. Our homepage offers links to join as a primary or secondary member, as well as upcoming event information

  2. The Scholarships page details the Casy Cundiff and Cassy Cundiff - ESSP Member Scholarships with downloadable applications.

  3. Under Resources, you will find various ESSP promo content, general resources, and division information. We are always looking to expand resources, so if you have something to share, let us know.

  4. Find out about our $100 per month, Everyday Educator Video contest by visiting the link.

  5. In the ESSP Shop, you can purchase an assortment of ESSP branded merchandise.

  6. You can join the website discussion forums by entering your information on the Members tab and creating a log-in and password.

  7. If you have suggestions for the website (and we hope you do), please email us at

  8. You can also follow us on social media using the social media icons located in the footer of every page.

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